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William Dahl
(W.D. Wildlife Creations) is a 47 year-old native of central New York. Having been born the 3rd of 9 children in a small, rural town outside of Syracuse, he spent his early childhood drawing animals and playing in the surrounding fields & forests.

Having graduated from Oswego State University in 1979 with a business degree, "Bill" moved to Houston, Texas, where he has lived since completing his undergraduate work. Bill received his MBA in 1983 from the University of Houston, and has worked for various oil/gas and software companies in the energy industry for the past 25 years.

In 1990, Bill decided to try sculpting as a natural extension of his early interest in wildlife art. His bighorn sheep ("Majestic Monarch") was the result of this initial endeavor, and inspired him to begin sculpting other wildlife pieces as a hobby over the next 14 years. With no formal art education, learning the intricacies of armatures, balance and patinas has been an amazing experience and created interesting challenges for virtually every piece he attempted. Now that his home resembles a wildlife art gallery, he has decided to offer his bronze creations to all who might find the same pleasure and wildlife appreciation that he has enjoyed since he began sculpting.

These beautiful, unique bronzes are original creations by William Dahl, and are reproduced using the 'Lost Wax' process at a local Houston foundry. This method requires a wax 'edition' to be produced from a mold made from the original clay sculpture. It is coated with a multi-layered cast and then heated up in a large oven, causing the melted wax to pour out. The wax is replaced with molten bronze (heated up to about 2000 degrees), which is cooled and metal-worked to clear burrs and imperfections.

Each piece is then finished with a 'patina', which combines heat & chemicals to create the specialized color/design reflected in the pictures you see here. While most heat/chemical combinations will produce consistent results, each piece is ultimately unique because no two patinas will create exactly the same look.

Note: For clients interested in specific patinas/colors/designs, send the artist an e-mail (found in the "Contact W.D. " section) and he can provide additional information about available patinas.

Every sculpture is then set on a dark walnut wood base. There is no additional cost for these beautiful walnut bases; they are part of the finished piece. (Only the stalking cougar is designed without a base, but it has been reproduced on both wooden and marble bases in the past.)

Note: Marble sub-bases can be added for an additional cost. For clients interested in other than walnut wood bases, send the artist an e-mail (found in the "Contact W.D. " section) and he can provide additional information on costs and time requirements.